At Infl8, we have one purpose:
Shape air to reduce human impact on the environment.

Born from science

Infl8 is an ingredient brand founded in 2021 by 3 engineers, Timothée, Hugo & Thomas.

Together, they invented Infl8 technology - combining properties of air and textiles to design highly protective and durable products.

Origin story - flashback to 2017

At the beginning, these three engineers met in 2017 with a lofty goal - build an inflatable helmet to slip in the pocket of every cyclist, one that would allow them to protect themselves anywhere, anytime.

“A helmet made out of air”

Nobody believed in the idea at first. But after many years of perseverance, the team succeeded in bringing an EU-certified, ultra-compact, ultra-protective helmet to the world - the Bumpair helmet.

The Bumpair helmet is the world's safest cycling helmet protection technology. Seriously - check out the tests that prove it:

2021 - Birth of Infl8 technology

During all this time spent iterating the design of the Bumpair helmet, the team built a real expertise - they developed a superpower - being able to shape the solid air as they wish.

The three engineers also found that they were tackling a huge problem: industry and its waste.

For example, a helmet that suffers an impact becomes waste because it is no longer reusable. Or...e-commerce packaging that is not reusable and is thrown away after one use.
So the team asked..

“What if we could reduce this waste with air?”

Infl8 technology was born:
Leveraging air as an alternative to traditional protective materials such as polystyrene, cardboard or wood, which have too limited a lifespan.

Market applications

The market applications are numerous - Infl8 is inspired by ingredient brands that have developed recognized technologies, like Goretex.

Where Goretex integrates its textile into technical clothing working with major brands like The North Face, Infl8 collaborates with manufacturers in order to integrate our protective technology into their products and thus reduce their impact on the planet. A win-win.

We are committed to showing how well our products work through research programs.

Whether it is in the protection of objects or people, we are committed to backing up everything we do through research.

That's right, we have set up research programs by external organizations to confirm the tests we have carried out internally. This leads to better protection thanks to air and improved reusability of our materials.

2022 and beyond

The team has grown but we all share common interests and values - We're all passionate about innovation and with the ambition of having a positive impact on society!

Our ambition is to create an airtech industry that integrates our technology into protection products, always keeping an eco-design approach in mind.

To do this, we collaborate with manufacturers in the design, conception, and integration of our technology into their products.

Partner with us

Are you a manufacturer looking to develop new protective products that are sustainable? Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss partnership.