Reusable packaging for sustainable logistics

Infl8 technology bring a new generation of highly protective and reusable packaging made of ultra-resistant fabric inflated with air, for e-commerce merchants.

Once deflated, it can be easily sent back via the post.

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The end of multi-packaging: the zero-waste era is here

Infl8 products do triple duty: they replace cardboard boxes or envelopes, plastic cushioning and commercial wrapping.

After inflating the packaging, you can store your product inside and then ship it with your usual carrier.

One of the uses: reusable packaging to ship bottles of organic wine.

No more damaged merchandise

Our tests prove it, there is nothing better than air to protect your parcels. Faced with a shock, the air's surface compresses and absorbs all the impact.

Delivered safe and sound: reusable packaging can be used to ship phones and its accessories.

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Air means lower shipping costs

Our air products are lighter than conventional protection or shipping materials. They help you reduce shipping costs and your carbon footprint at the same time.

Ready to use (again and again)

When the consumer receives their order, there is nothing to throw away. Infl8 packaging can be easily deflated and sent back by post.

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Core benefits

High Protection

Thanks to its protective layer of air, Infl8 technology protects better than any other protective material.

Adjustable & Foldable

Products equipped with Infl8 technology can be inflated to ensure protection or deflated to be easily transported.


After a shock, Infl8 technology returns to its original state and can be used again. The product life is longer than ever.


Shipping wine, phones or other fragile goods?

Let us help you. We are air shapers. We design & adapt our zero waste packaging to your products.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch!