The world's safest cycling helmet protection technology

Over the past several years, we have conducted a complete series of tests to study the effectiveness of our technology in protecting the brain when subjected to an impact.

Our results have shown that the Bumpair cycling helmet, which incorporates infl8 technology, is more protective than other helmets on the market.

We explain why.

Best results in European certification tests

In order to reach the market, helmets must pass a whole series of tests to receive the European certification EN1078.

During these tests, the results showed that the Bumpair helmet protects up to 4 times better than a traditional helmet.

During a normative linear certification shock, we measured the deceleration which makes it possible to quantify the shock absorption of the helmet. With the Bumpair helmet, we obtained an average deceleration of 87G, while the traditional helmets we tested were between 140 and 240G. The value not to be exceeded to obtain certification is 250G. The lower the value, the easier the helmet absorbs the shock. In other words, the lower the value, the more the helmet protects.

And so far, no helmet has scored as low a value as the Bumpair helmet.

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The highest rated helmet by the independent test institute Certimoov

We decided to push our tests even further by participating in a study with the independent French test institute Certimoov of the University of Strasbourg, the benchmark for cycling helmet tests in Europe.

The Certimoov methodology consists of carrying out a complete series of impact simulations using a digital model of a human brain and skull to assess the risks of brain damage during various fall or impact scenarios.

While the European standard certifies the helmet with a series of vertical falls, the Certimoov tests go much further by testing different, more realistic, impact conditions: frontal, occipital, lateral and rotational.

The institute positions the Bumpair model as the safest helmet in the world with a rating of 4.5/5. No other cycling helmet has ever scored higher since the agency's creation.

Winner of the 2022 French road safety innovation award, two-wheel protection category.

The Bumpair helmet was recently awarded the 2022 French road safety innovation prize, in the two-wheel category.

The jury loved Bumpair’s:

👉🏼 Ease of transport by deflating it: Once deflated and reduced to its minimum volume, the helmet fits in a pocket or bag. It is therefore easier to always carry it with you.

👉🏼 Superior protection compared to other helmets on the market: Tests show that the Bumpair helmet protects up to 4x better than a conventional helmet.

Proof that infl8 technology has a bright future ahead!

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