We are Air Shapers

We combine air & fabrics to design highly protective and sustainable products.

Experts in air, textiles and design

We created patented technology using air and fabric to design products that are highly protective and sustainable.

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Our purpose: reduce human impact on the environment

The materials used today (plastic, cardboard, rubber) to protect people and things generates too much waste.

Thanks to air, products with Infl8 technology last longer and are more sustainable.


Our sustainable technology can be applied to any product designed to protect humans or objects.

Like shipping materials, top secret spy equipment, or...helmets?

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Discover the world's safest cycling helmet protection technology

The tests run in-house and by independant institutes have shown that the Bumpair cycling helmet, which incorporates infl8 technology, is more protective than any other helmet on the market.

The Bumpair helmet was recently awarded the 2022 French road safety innovation prize, in the two-wheel category.